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There have been so much argument on which betting company actually has or offers the best odds and bonuses. These controversies have been on for long until this very moment. Most people that want to apply for agencies are looking out for the very best in odds and bonus while online stakers are also thinking towards the same directions. Am here to tell you for free that no single betting company in Nigeria as at the time this write-up was put up has or offers the best odds and best bonus at the same time. They can either have best odds or best bonus. From the rating concluded on 16th of December 2017 we were able to make certain conclusions and recommendations. It does not really matter which company has or offers the best odds or bonus, what is important is the total outcome (the total amount to win) in the bet slip and also note that it does not mean that companies with highest odds and bonuses are the companies that pays the most, please take precautions because your money could get stuck. You could win and never get paid of your winnings. From our just concluded ratings we discovered that these five sports betting companies actually offers the best odds (Ubcbet, Parknbet, Yangabet, 9japredict, 1960bet) while (9japredict, Ubcbet, Surebet247, Accessbet, Bet9ja) offers the best bonuses in the market.

We also found out that the total outcome was relatively different as most of the companies with leading odds has lower total outcome and this was as a result of lower bonuses offered by these companies. Here are list of five companies with highest total outcome (Odds + Bonus added up) 9japredict, Ubcbet, Surebet247, Accessbet, and bet9ja. This does not mean that they pay well or that they are recommended by us.

In conclusion, after looking into many other factors such as response to customer problems, and fast payment of winning, cashout efficiency and cut one/cut two, we arrived at some recommended and highly recommended sports betting companies you can bank on with your eyes closed and be sure of getting paid when your luck shines.

Below are list of companies Highly recommended for both agents and online stakers.


To see how the rating of odds and bonuses are carried out for the various sports betting companies in Nigeria, please scroll up.

 Please note that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion

See rating of odds and bonus offered by sports betting companies in Nigeria and see which company actually has the highest odds and bonus, paying and none paying.

This rating was done on 16th December 2017 using 11 accumulated games from English Championship Matches with N100 staking amount.

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