Author Topic: Do Not Vote For Atiku!!!!!  (Read 735 times)


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Do Not Vote For Atiku!!!!!
« on: November 22, 2018, 04:13:00 AM »
 The election season is here,and Politicians are all over asking for votes.In Nigeria,a lot of Politicians do not have the
Interest of the electrates in their souls.All they care about
is to win political office and use those who voted for them
as tools to get what they want.
           There are two political Gladiators who are serious contenders for the 2019 Nigerian Presidential election,Atiku and Buhari.Let me make this clear,I'm not a fan of PDP and will never be.They destroyed what could have been a model State for Africa because of their 16 years mismanagement of our economy. Most of the oil money they collected during those year were squandered.Atiku was part of the government for 8years.
       Atiku has a bigger problem when it comes to reputation.How come he has such a mucky past when we talk about corrupt Politicians in Nigeria.The general perception of Atiku is that of a thief who will steal Nigeria blind.Here was a man who was the #2 man to Obasanjo,and he has said it many times that Atiku was very corrupt.Atiku has been accused of being involved in shady deals of corruption.When too many people,including  those that were
his political buddies are on the same page that Atiku is corrupt, it's time to take notice.
        Atiku spent a lot of money to win the PDP Presidential ticket.If you ever vote for him,the first thing he would do is try to recover the money he spent.He already promised to sell the NNDP- that should give you a clue.
        At this point, Nigeria do not need peopLe with shady character as leaders.Atiku is in such a mucky water of corruption that he cannot wash himself keep our flame of promoting Nigeria to a higher level alive,do not vote for Atiku.
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