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Politicians in Nigeria
« on: April 02, 2017, 10:14:44 PM »
 Politicians  are generally  liers, they say things that are far from the truth. If most politician tells you it's raining outside,you better check it twice. Here in Nigeria, some of our
Politicians are very "cool" and they steal in different ways.
      Here politician gives themselves allowances . Wardrobe allowance,housing allowance,car allowance, furniture allowance etc,etc. I'm even surprised they don't award themselves sex allowance.
         Lying is in the veins of most politician and that makes their credibility level to be lower than zero. Recently, one sitting Senator from Kogi was  entangled in a Web of dishonesty claiming to have a degree from London School of Economics and also a degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Just because the fool attended seminars for few weeks, he equated those to be degrees from those Universities.
         To the few politicians in Nigeria that still care about the problems of our society and truly wants to bring  real  changes that will bring about a new Nigeria,thanks .May the good Lord give you the courage to keep on the good fight. Wishing for more free time to be able yo write.Peace
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