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 This is the political season in Nigeria, and all political parties are doing their best to knock out their political opponents with combination of lies and truth. Irrespective of what politicians are now doing, the ultimate decision lies with the electorates that will decide their fates.- If they let it be.
         The number one issue in this election is- SECURITY- Which we do not currently have in Nigeria. There is no nation that can prosper without internal security, it is impossible. The current administration has been ruling for the past 6years and under their noses terrorists are occupying a chunk of north eastern Nigeria.This government bears the responsibility for their slow and inactions to deal with the threat of these fanatics as they should have done earlier. Because they did not deal with them earlier, they allowed them to grow into a big head monster that is now causing  havocs mainly in the north east.
                Here is the point, Jonathan has been trying for six years to get rid of Boko Haram and he cannot do the job. So, its time for him to go. He has not done a good job in his 6years of ruling. I do not want to heap all the blames of Nigeria on Jonathan, but his  government is too weak to make effective of anything they lay their hands on. We are in trouble if you don't know. Our main source of revenue is crude oil, and with the barrels of oil prices as low as they are now, we are going to be in a rough ride for a while.
                I don't have to remind anyone that there is high unemployment rate in Nigeria, this is the highest it has ever been. It may not be the job of government to provide all the jobs, but government bears the responsibility to create the atmospheric conditions that will allow investments which will lead to employment. Chief among these conditions is security, no one is coming to invest in a country that has no internal security. How many people do you see running to go and invest in Syria or Libya ? Enough of these Boko Haram
headaches! Jonathan has not been able to kick their rear end in the last 6years, and he will not be able to do it in the next four. Hence, it is time to bring in a new leader that can root them out of existence!

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