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 There is currently a battle for the soul of democracy in Nigeria. On one side are the people who think they are the cultivators of democratic ideals and on the other are those who think democracy is what they determine it to be as they go along. PDP and APC are the two biggest political parties, sadly they are not too different from each other. Both parties have members of these two different groups in their camps.
        Recently, members of the PDP that wanted to contest the presidential election against Jonathan were denied the chance to get the necessary forms to contest in the party primaries. The reason for the denial was that the party had endorsed Jonathan to run for second term. What type of democracy is this , when you don't even give your own members a fair play in the political process within your party, how are you going to ensure a fair and credible play when it involves opposition.
 Just because the  Party officials endorsed Jonathan does not give away other members right to contest against him. What you should have done is give the right to contest to anyone that meets the set rules and throw the weight of the party through campaigns behind the Party's candidate .When you deny people fair process after collecting their money and do not return their money to them, that is called stealing by dubious mean. If you can not be true and fair to your members, you sure can not be true and fair to Nigerians.
       You are practicing jungle democracy and not democracy of true value.The Speaker of the House of Reps. recently defected from his ruling Party to the opposing Party and all his security details were withdrawn. As long he remains the Speaker of the House' he should still command all the benefits that goes with that office.What party he belongs to should have no play in the benefits that goes with the office. If you do not like him going to the other side, he can be impeached,but you can not take away his benefits. Another jungle act of democracy. These "educated" politicians are funny bunch and they want us to believe that democracy is what they are nurturing. You all can look in the mirror,and who ever you see is who you are deceiving.
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