Author Topic: Mockery of Democratic Process  (Read 2926 times)


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Mockery of Democratic Process
« on: August 31, 2014, 04:27:38 PM »
 Recently, the Enugu state legislature impeached the deputy governor of the state, Sunday Onyebuchi. What was his crime? He was accused of raising chicken in his official government house. And his second offence was that he failed to represent the Governor of the state when instructed to do so for an  official occasion. However, Onyebuchi said his problem started when he expressed interest in running for a senatorial seat  that was reserved for the current state Governor chief of staff.
              To be candy, the story version of the impeached deputy is more believable than the version told by the legislators that impeached him. Why on earth in a democratic society should one not have the right to express interest to contest for an elective office ?Why  should an elected person be impeached for raising  chicken in an official living quarter. If the reason for not wanting him to raise chicken was for health reason, the health department of the state should have given him a citation and tell him to close down the poultry. The man started the poultry business with his money, and the poultry was even in place before he was elected.
             If it is true that the governor of the state also has a poultry in his official living quarter, why is no question raised about that? This is one of the reason the story version of the impeached is more credible than his alleged crimes. Since the legislators have exercised one of the rights they have under the constitution, the rest is left to right thinking men and women to express their own verdict towards their action. For me, I think the legislators have made a chicken poo of power of legislators to impeach!!!       

Freedom of speech is a God given right and not a government granted right!

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Mockery of Democratic Process
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2015, 12:34:56 AM »
I hope the listening process goes better than the comment thread did before it was shut down.