Author Topic: Ending Boko Haram Havocs  (Read 2669 times)


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Ending Boko Haram Havocs
« on: July 20, 2014, 01:05:49 PM »
 The Boko Haram sect that has been causing havocs  in Northern Nigeria are the devil sect made of satanic individuals directed and financed by dubious politicians who hiding under the shadow of democracy!-Though, the sect called itself religious,there is no way a religious group would be doing so many dastardly activities they've been engaging in.Indiscriminate killing of people,wanton destruction of properties are not religious activities!Those are the works of one directed by devil.
         To end Boko Haram activities,you must investigate the politicians including some well to do people in the area.They are the main oil that propels the activities of Boko Haram with their hidden hands not seen to the public.How do you think these people are getting their weapons?How are they getting their foods?There are some well to do individuals that are making these possible.Until you expose those people who are their covert backers,you cannot solve the problem they are creating.
             There are people calling for negotiation with the sect,I beg to differ! How do you start negotiation with someone who only thinks one way and that is their way! And on what basis do you want to start negotiation? How about all the wanton killings and destruction of properties they have done? Forgive them for all those without bringing them to justice? My position on negotiation is to chase them to the middle of the thickest forest where they are sneaking out,so they can all be sent to the deepest depth of hell fire where they all belong.
             On the matter of security,how can these hoodlums be going to the same area all the time,without the security personnel  getting hold of the situation? If an area is prone to attack,then flood the area with intelligence and military men who can better deal with the situation.You have to show superior military power mixed with good intelligence gatherings to overpower Boko Haram. And in the end,if those who backing this sect are known,their names must be made public to the whole world and not be swept under the rug-Nigeria style!!!!! 
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