Author Topic: United States should lift embargo on Cuba  (Read 2795 times)


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United States should lift embargo on Cuba
« on: July 19, 2014, 02:04:30 PM »

Cub? i? th? red-haired ?t???hild ?f th? C?ribb??n. It'? b??n l??k?d in the ?l???t und?r the stairs f?r n??rl? 50 ???r?. L?t it out.

I'm ju?t m???ing with ??u. I'll r??t?t? th?t diff?r?ntl?.

Cuba, th? island n?ti?n ?f over 11 million ????l? ju?t ?ff our Fl?rid? K???, i? l?ng ?v?rdu? t? be tr??t?d with r?????t by th? United St?t?? F?d?r?l G?v?rnm?nt.

Pr??id?nt K?nn?d? ?l????d th? ?mb?rg? ?n Cub? in 1962 ?ft?r th? ?b?rt?d Bay ?f Pigs incident ?nd the Cub?n missile ?ri?i?. B??k then, communism w?? a political ???t?m with a w?rld ?g?nd? of domination. Of course, n?t lik? th? Am?ri??n?, with th?ir w?rld ?g?nd? ?f ??r??ding American values. Our m?tiv?? were ?ur?. (in??rt l?ught?r h?r?.)

Curiously, socialism, th? mid-point on th? r??d fr?m ???it?li?m to totalitarianism, has b??n ?b??rb?d int? the g?v?rnm?nt? of most W??t?rn n?ti?n? over th? l??t 50 years ?r ??. Th? Unit?d States F?d?r?l G?v?rnm?nt i? hurtling t?w?rd t?t?lit?ri?ni?m ?? fast ?? its little corpulent legs will ??rr? it. So, being against ???i?li?m i? n?t the reason f?r th? ??ntinu?d ?mb?rg?.

Sin?? 1979, th? USA has been d?ing bu?in??? with China. Its economy i? ?n th? ????nd?n??, ?ur? i? in decline. It h?? a pitiful human rights record. But Chin?, ?till ?v?w?dl? C?mmuni?t, i? presently the largest h?ld?r of US Treasury b?nd? in th? world. Chin? ??uld bring th? Am?ri??n g?v?rnm?nt ?nd ???n?m? ?r??hing d?wn t?m?rr?w ?im?l? b? dum?ing a small percentage ?f their b?nd h?lding? on th? world market. They are quietly in ??ntr?l ?f th? United St?t?? g?v?rnm?nt.

Wh?r? i? ?ur embargo of Chin??

Since th? 1980s, the USA h?? d?n? business with the S?vi?t Union. It ?t????d up bu?in??? ??tivit? wh?n th? USSR im?l?d?d in 1991 ?nd Ru??i? r?-?m?rg?d. Ru??i? murd?r?d th?u??nd? in Ch??hn?? who w?nt?d t? b? fr?? ?f Ru??i?n rule. Ru??i? now ?r?vid?? a l?rg? ??r??nt?g? ?f the n?tur?l g?? th?t h??t? Europe. It has r???v?r?d pretty w?ll ?nd i? ?n?? again a f?r?? t? be reckoned with.

Where i? ?ur ?mb?rg? of our m??t bitt?r C?ld W?r enemy?

Khru?h?h?v i? long d??d. The USSR i? d??d. Cub?n President Fidel Castro is a f??bl? ?ld m?n wh? will be dead ???n. Y?t, W??hingt?n still ??nn?t get over it? ?lm??t 50-???r-?ld temper t?ntrum t?w?rd Cub?.

If th? US maintains di?l?m?ti? r?l?ti?n? ?nd bu?in??? r?l?ti?n? with China, Ru??i?, th? Baltic St?t??, India, Gr??t Britain, Germany, Japan, C?n?d?, France, It?l?, D?nm?rk, Finl?nd, Sw?d?n, P?l?nd, ?nd most of th? n?ti?n? in C?ntr?l ?nd South Am?ri??, and I?r??l...?ll of wh?m ?r? ???i?li?t g?v?rnm?nt?...h?w d??? Washington maintain the ?mb?rg? against Cub? with a straight f????

If W??hingt?n wants t? effect change in Cub?, it ?h?uld allow Am?ri??n citizens t? fl??d th? i?l?nd with American m?n?? ?nd American v?lu??. Our ?ultur?, unshackled, would have more ???itiv? influ?n?? ?n Cubans th?n ?ll ?f the diplomacy th?t Washington ??uld ever possibly ??n???t.

Pr??id?nt Ob?m? ??uld lift the ?mb?rg? t?m?rr?w with a stroke of the ??n if h? had th? will t? d? it.