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General Discussion / Re: Trademark
« Last post by jack919 on November 20, 2022, 12:36:01 PM »
Do you have to write papers in nursing school? A couple of reflection essays of around 1-2 pages, 2 safety/prevention posters, and a presentation were all required. This is my third semester in a BSN program.
General Discussion / Nursing Research Papers
« Last post by jack919 on November 20, 2022, 12:34:11 PM »
Writing is a skill that nurses must master early in their careers. This skill is essential for nurses as it allows them to communicate effectively with their patients and families.
Although verbal communication is important in nursing, the ability to write well improves the nurse's ability provide better care.

The ability to clearly communicate to all involved the patient's symptoms and history allows them to create a treatment plan that will be effective.

Research papers, like essays, follow a long-form format. A research paper is not like an essay that heavily relies on the author's perspective. Instead, it presents an in-depth analysis of a topic using data and expert opinions. An essay assesses your writing and critical thinking skills. A research paper, however, tests your knowledge and research skills. You can also use research papers to show that you have read and understood the arguments and findings about a topic. Independent research and analysis is required for research papers, particularly at graduate and doctoral level. Sometimes, these papers can take several months or even years to complete.
to write a good nursing research paper

You should choose a topic that is relevant to your nursing interests in order to write a good research paper. There are many options, including elderly care issues, patient safety, ethics, mental healthcare treatment, regulations in the U.S. and nursing shortages, as well as possible solutions. No matter what your choice is, you need to plan accordingly. Professors might be able to help you with advanced papers like dissertations. The following sections are common for research papers: introduction, literature review and methods. Results, discussion, discussion, conclusion, references, and discussion. This structure should be remembered when you create notes and outline.
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Internet / How to Study Online Courses Effectively
« Last post by anngardner97 on November 15, 2022, 06:59:04 AM »
Online classes are great. It's not necessary to travel to a class to receive instruction.
Although online courses are more convenient and can be cheaper, sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate. There are many distractions. These include emails, social media and temptations to sleep, especially when you study at night.
The best thing for people who need to work while they pursue a masters degree is to adhere to a strict schedule. You will need to find the most convenient time for lessons and instruction.

We all know the benefits of classroom study at school. However, online learning is completely different.
If you have just started an online course and are having difficulty keeping up, don't worry. Other online learners also experience this problem. Here's an infographic with 11 useful strategies or tips for eLearning success.

1. Pick a study location with reliable Internet connectivity

Studying online will require you to refer to lectures and notes. Access to the Internet is essential for your study space. Internet access will be crucial for things such as study sessions or classes.

2. Create a Study Schedule

An online course requires you to adhere to a strict schedule. While you might not be required attend classes or lectures at specific times you will still need to complete the course material. Self-discipline is crucial. Each week, choose a time that you will log on to class and use the study material.

3. Online distractions should be avoided.

It can be difficult for online courses to follow a strict schedule. But, you must be very strict about sticking to your schedule. For online courses to succeed, self-discipline will be essential.

It can be difficult to concentrate on the online course if there is a social media account open in a different tab. Keep your eyes off of the Internet, email, and any other distractions while you do classwork.

4. Actively learn

Learning takes place when your brain neurons are in action. Engaging your mind is the key to effective learning. Make notes using your own words and remember information.

5. To Stay Motivated

Motivational strategies can be used to help you achieve your goals. You can listen to your favorite music as you study, or imagine yourself finishing the task in an hour and then taking a well-earned rest.

6. Print any materials

Sometimes the internet or your computer can become distracting. It is helpful to keep your laptop turned off when you study. You might also want to print out things like a course plan and syllabus.

7. Take notes at online lectures

You should always take your notes online the same way you would during a lecture. Keep a pen and notepad handy and use it to write down notes. Handwritten notes will help you retain more information than typing.

8. Do it yourself

Even if you don’t have practice tests, it’s still possible to test yourself by writing down all you remember after each chapter or asking yourself questions about what else you’re learning.

9. Avoid multi-tasking

Multitasking can reduce the brain’s ability to store new data, according to research. All that information will likely be flowing into one ear if there are multiple tasks.

10. Take breaks

It's important to have breaks when you study. You can do something enjoyable, such as watch TV for a minute or go for an easy walk. A short break can help you feel refreshed and recharged.

11. Make friends online

Create connections with other learners online. You can meet and study together; you can also share your difficulties with them. Collaborative learning promotes student engagement.

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How to Study Online Courses Effectively
Internet / Re: Big year for Google
« Last post by millicentgill on November 12, 2022, 12:44:32 PM »
You can read about those who wrote papers better than others here. This is quite valuable information for any student. Check this out! It's really interesting.
Internet / Killerpapers pricing review
« Last post by millicentgill on November 12, 2022, 12:43:20 PM »
We'll be looking at average prices for Killer Papers in this part of our Killer Papers Review. Killer Papers (, is one of our most expensive sites. We didn't get any offers below $24 per page for the three orders that we submitted. Their site explains that the high prices are due to the fact that they have USA writers, which can be more expensive than foreign writers. This makes perfect sense, considering that labor costs in the USA are more expensive than those in countries like Ukraine and Kenya. This site is a great place to find the best. Your project will be written by someone who sounds American, which will make it easier to submit. offers a price estimate. Prices start at quite high. The price for a high school paper costs $22. Extended 5 days is a way beyond 5 days. This issue will be discussed further in the Review.

It will cost $28 per page for a college-level paper that has a deadline of 24 hours. This quote is quite affordable.

These are only estimates. The writers can set their own prices because it's a bidding site. As an example, consider the minimum price shown in the chart. The bids for the most difficult college essay were $25. The highest priced writer cost $32 per page.

According to Sarah Law reviews

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Internet / Re: Article writing back in favor now?
« Last post by Sophiekells on November 02, 2022, 04:15:25 AM »
I don’t understand! Where did article writing even go! I used to write articles myself and know that it is still a thing. The irony is that no matter even if I can write well still I preferred to pay for personal statement writing services probably because I didn’t want to take any risks with my college admission.
Internet / Re: Do you think HYIP Design Template for Investing is Worth to Buy?
« Last post by AmberEvans on October 24, 2022, 06:16:50 AM »
I like this site because it pointed out all the shortcomings of writing services. At the same time, I learned about reliable companies that are worth my doubt.
Internet / Advantages and disadvantages of essay writing services
« Last post by AmberEvans on October 24, 2022, 06:14:23 AM »
While there are some attractive aspects to using this type of service, the disadvantages are risky and likely outweigh the potential benefits.

In some situations, a person might feel some benefits of hiring this type of service. Examples include:

You don't have to spend time writing the paper.
You might get a better grade than you would have gotten if you did it on your own.
If you are behind on your work, it may mean passing a class instead of failing if it is not possible to complete the assignment yourself on time.
The downside
Are there really sufficient reasons to do something unethical and fraudulent? This is where the downside comes in.

If you use one of these services to write your college admission essay (which is an advertised service for some of these companies), you are essentially defrauding the school. You could find yourself expelled or in legal jeopardy if the school finds out.
Many colleges and other schools have clear policies prohibiting any use of a writing service. If you are caught, you could be expelled from school for academic dishonesty. You can even be prosecuted if you used fraudulent academic work to obtain scholarships or government-sponsored financial aid.
You can buy yourself a good grade, but you won't get the things you actually went to school to get: education, skills, and valuable abilities. The knowledge and experience you would have gained by sweating it out yourself won't be there when you need it in the real world. The HuffPost agrees, pointing out that hiring an essay writing service will serve to underprepare you for your career.

The Atlantic points out that taking this kind of shortcut can lead to other negative behaviors and consequences. If you start paying someone else to do your homework for you, what logical conclusion does this pattern of behavior lead to? Why not hire someone to do all your assignments? When you leave school and start looking for a job, are you going to fill your resume with fake accomplishments? After all, presenting a grade point average (GPA) to an employer that was partially bought rather than earned is like lying on a resume.

Don't be fooled

It may be possible, perhaps, to use a writing service in a sobering way that saves you time while you're still paying attention to doing the bulk of the essay research. However, this is still probably a violation of school policy and relying on such a service is a slippery slope. It can easily become an addictive quick fix. Before you know it, not only have you cheated yourself out of school, but you've also cheated yourself out of invaluable academic and personal growth. Besides, most writing services lie about their writers’ qualifications. For example, you can read the review of unemployedprofessors. That article proves the point that the only thing you can be sure about is they don’t have a single professor on their team, and even if they do, they’re unemployed for a reason. Told.

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