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Title: Some Nigerians are asking for their N5,000 !
Post by: Naijaman on November 07, 2015, 04:45:05 PM
 During the electioneering campaign few months back, the candidate of APC,who is now the president promised to give N5000,to the unemployed vulnerable in the country . Now that he has won the election ,the people wants to cash in on the promissory! Many have accused the ruling party on not wanting to pay the promised allowance , because its Senators voted against such idea when it came up in the legislative body for hearing.
                      However , the executive branch has declared that it will indeed fulfill the promised made to Nigerians, about the allowance payment. For me, I think the populace should be fighting for the government to do programs that would be of benefit to the whole society , so they will be able to be in a condition not to need the said N5000.Well, the President said he will make good on his promise. I do not know what N60,000 a year will do for anyone now in Nigeria. Maybe, if you live in the country side you might be able to do a lot with that, but not in our good old cities!!